40 Years of Aid into Karamoja

League of recipients of aid from Britain... Uganda is 13th  receiving £70m pa.I heard yesterday on the BBC that aid has been coming into Karamoja, N.E. Uganda, for more than 40 years but still we see pictures of mothers using bedding to cook a meal for their hungry children.

BBC News: “British aid faces ‘enemy of corruption’ “

How can this be?

DFID gives more than £5b in aid each year to developing countries. Uganda receives £70m, which places it 13th in the league of recipients.

Most of this is given as budget support to the Uganda government rather than direct to programmes. There has been significant concern about the leakage of these funds due to corruption and some claim that more than half of that given never reach the intended recipients.

We have to do better than this.

£70m is a lot of money but in reality it is nowhere near enough to make a significant impact. Recent estimates show that Uganda needs almost £250m pa just to meet the cost of treatment for those living with HIV. Of course DFID is just one source of funds, others such as The Global Fund and PEPFAR contribute even more.

We need to deal with corruption, stopping it, improving transparency and accountability; choose more carefully the programmes that will receive aid; manage those programmes much better and ensure the delivery of results that will sustain change and development for generations to come.

British aid faces ‘enemy of corruption’

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