Help Prevent Mother to Child Transmission

Every minute of every day, a child is born with HIV. We must stop this and we can. Treatment is now available to help a mother prevent the transmission of HIV to her child.

Just because a Mum is HIV positive doesn’t mean that her child has to be born with the virus; it is relatively easy to prevent. Why wouldn’t we support such intervention when it can make such a huge difference? This short video about one child’s story is worth watching, just 2 mins.

PMTCT is an integral part of our proposal for funding which is being submitted to The Global Fund at the end of this month.

If you are on facebook then please consider joining the cause to help end transmission of HIV from Mother to Child by 2015. Please sign the petition, I signed as number 13,124,

About Kevin Duffy

Interim Management and Consulting - Healthcare Development. Kevin has thirteen years senior management experience in the development and delivery of healthcare services in Africa and South Asia.
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