Budget Too Small To Cover Health Needs

I read an interesting article on allAfrica.com, written by Miriam Gathigah, about the state of the health budget in Kenya. Essentially it seems that the government of Kenya has reduced the percentage of the national budget, USD 12.5b, allocated to the health sector from 7% to 6.5%.

Botswana and the Seychelles are the only African countries so far to have met the African Union pledge made at Abuja in 2001, in which it was declared that each country would allocate 15% of its national budget to health. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Uganda allocates 10%.

In Kenya there has been a notable shift from Curative to Preventative Care; which I do agree is the right strategy when resources are so constrained, both in terms of funding and of course in the availability of trained staff.

It is clear that in both Kenya and Uganda, there is simply not enough funding being allocated to this essential public sector.

The Daily Monitor published an OpEd Commentary on the state of finances at Mulago National Referral Hospital. It has received just UGX 30b against the 2010/11 budget requirement of UGX 100b, so just 30%.

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