Mark dies and Benton leaves

This was a traumatic week; Dr. Benton decided to leave ER to spend more time with his family and Dr. Mark died.

Pamela and I are just catching up on some ER DVDs, almost 10 years old now, but some of the issues travel far and long.

It is hard to plan and manage hospital operations when we are so reliant on good medical personnel. Uganda has a huge shortage of doctors and even in the last week we lost one of our in-house OB/GYN to a hospital in Botswana; the “Brain Drain” is very real.

This Country needs to quickly train more MOs and to explore more seriously how it can safely “task shift” to lesser credentialed, specifically trained cadres; e.g. we need Clinical Officers who can safely and legally perform C-Sections and Nurse Practitioners who can take on more clinical work. Our Clients need to be more willing to accept that some services can and should be provided by Midwives rather than Obstetricians.

Oh and the day after Dr. Mark died, the ER continued on as normal; sure his friends were sad and missed him but neither Mark nor any of us are indispensible.


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