Safe Male Circumcision

I’ve been asked by my Board to start taking a closer look at how International Medical Group can help Uganda scale-up its delivery of safe male circumcisions (SMC).

I’ll write more about this over the weeks to come, but for now;

HIV/AIDs claims 2,000,000 lives each year, that’s 1 every 16 seconds. Every 12 seconds somebody becomes infected. We are losing this battle, HIV infection is growing by 1 person every 48 seconds; that’s more than 625,000 a year.

Various research have shown that circumcision can help to protect men against becoming infected, by as much as 60%.

So male circumcision (MC) seems like a good idea. It’s not a silver bullet, it is not fully protective and men should still use condoms and take care to know their own and their partner’s status.

There are news items discussing how political leaders are showing the way forward and coming forward for SMC. Whilst I applaud their active engagement, and that needs to be encouraged, I want to at the same time state that such circumcision for protection against HIV infection is only necessary if you are not able to either abstain “A” or be faithful “B” to a partner who’s status you know. I know that many will consider this an old-fashioned (or unrealistic) perspective but being faithful to a partner who’s status is known is still the best way of protecting one’s self.

SMC, is a very significant public health intervention and one that I am very pleased to be engaged in. I also think it has a terrific logo:


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Interim Management and Consulting - Healthcare Development. Kevin has thirteen years senior management experience in the development and delivery of healthcare services in Africa and South Asia.
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2 Responses to Safe Male Circumcision

  1. Bill Gray says:

    Very well stated, Mr Duffy! May this move help eliminate this terrible suffering in Uganda and other places. And may there be others who can challenge people to an increased willingness to be faithful to one life-long partner. It’s also old-fashioned to brush your teeth, but that is still the best way to maintain dental hygiene, and people even TRAIN their children to do, nay, some even demand that children do it, every night! Best wishes from a slowly warming Norway!

  2. Suubi Trust says:

    Dear Hugh (from New Zealand),

    Thank you for your feedback on the Blog posting about our SMC Programme.

    You are not alone in sharing the concerns related to the research, and I agree that we need further, perhaps more rigorous research to bottom this out once and for all.

    We are trying our best to implement a high quality, comprehensive, reproductive health programme and we remain receptive to all feedback and will continue to reflect and refine as we move forward.

    Kind regards,


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