Male Circumcision Programme in Tanzania reaches 100,000

The Maternal and Child Integrated Programme, MCHIP, announced this week that its safe male circumcision programme in Tanzania had now provided services to 100,000 clients. You can read the original press release by clicking on the image below.


Estimations show that 16,000 future HIV infections will be averted between now and 2025 as a result of these 100,000 circumcisions. If accurate this means that for every one pound or one dollar invested in the SMC programme, about 14 will be saved in future treatment costs.

I shared this news with our own team and here’s the reply back from Francis, the in-charge at Hope Clinic Lukuli:

This is extremely very good news for East Africans. Overall, I think the success in TZ can be attributed to the immense family support for men going for VMMC as the article does note. For example, a son and his mother accompanying a father to the VMMC CENTRE and also availing himself (son) for the VMMC is extremely awesome. Also, not forgetting the hard work of the local medical team, the nurses.

For Uganda, there is a lot to learn from TZ especially how can we have full family support for men in Uganda to get the numbers we desire for VMMC? Also can we have work places support the VMMC so that men who work can benefit fully from this? Can registering, HCT and STI treatment and carrying out the procedure in one day work better than giving appointments? Lastly, why do some men register and never show up?

VMMC – voluntary medical male circumcision

SMC – safe male circumcision

These are the same, just referred to differently in different places.

HCT – this is the counselling and testing for HIV, an integral part of an SMC programme and sometimes also referred to as VCT.

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