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I know that many of you, okay most of you, are not Twitter users. So I thought it might be interesting to post some of my recent tweets here.




It’s less than 1% of budget but need to ensure cost effectiveness > RT@EGPAF Bono to urge USA not to cut aid programs:

Yes improve access but also influence behaviour > RT@gatesfoundation 200m worldwide don’t have access to contraception:

RT @malonebarry: On reports #Uganda dropped $2.3m on two cars for Museveni, Ugandans have just started hashtag #ThingsMusevenisBenzCanDo

Do babies in UK die as result of diarrhoea? They do in Africa. > @DHgovuk: Rotavirus vaccine planned to protect babies

Worthy of support > @targettb in 2011: 1 cause, 5 countries, 11 partners, 15 projects, 360 donors, 85,924 lives touched

Good update on SMC programme in Uganda > RT@GdnDevelopment Mixed progress in male circumcision campaign to combat Aids

I read this in The Independent, sad and annoying, fat cats eating. Museveni adopts new tactics in corruption fight:

Having more money for health may not solve all probs > RT @DailyMonitor Editorial: When will we deal with healthcare? …

Safe Male Circumcision not an ‘invisible condom’. It is part of comprehensive prevention package that includes condoms and behaviour change.

The number infected with HIV increases by one every 56 seconds, that’s 563,142 pa. We need better Prevention:

Whilst many are busy tweeting about Andrew Marr’s History of the World, I’ve been watching History of Modern Britain, people are fascinating

I’ve just updated my professional profile on LinkedIn. Connect with me and view my profile.

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