World AIDS Day 2012

WAD RibbonAs we celebrate another World AIDS Day, these data make a sobering read:

  • More than 34 million people are living with HIV
  • In 2011, 1.7m people died from an AIDS related disease
  • In the same year, more than 2.5m became infected with HIV
  • 1 person dies of an HIV/AIDS related illness every 19 seconds.
  • 1 person becomes infected with HIV every 13 seconds.
  • The number of those infected with HIV grows by 1 every 56 seconds, that’s 563,142 per year.

We need better Prevention.

About Kevin Duffy

Interim Management and Consulting - Global Healthcare Development. Kevin has over ten years of senior management experience in the delivery of healthcare services in Africa and South Asia. His current focus is on the strategic development of policy, guidance, and tools to help healthcare organisations achieve sustainable impact – balancing the need to become financially sustainable, with the mission of ensuring equitable access to affordable healthcare services.
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