I am not Fully Protected!

It seems that I am at risk of infection from some nasty viruses, and it’s my fault.

I know what I should do but I have chosen not to and I have ignored the polite warnings.

If you spend any time in public health you’ll come across people like me; we know the risks, we know what might happen and yet we still eat and drink too much of the wrong things, some of us smoke, some of us have unprotected sex. We don’t always do what’s right, we sometimes behave badly… but don’t blame us, we can’t help ourselves, sometimes we think we know best.

This morning one of those meant to protect me sent me this message…


it’s the “but you have decided to ignore them” bit that irks me most.

About Kevin Duffy

Interim Management and Consulting - Global Healthcare Development. Kevin has over ten years of senior management experience in the delivery of healthcare services in Africa and South Asia. His current focus is on the strategic development of policy, guidance, and tools to help healthcare organisations achieve sustainable impact – balancing the need to become financially sustainable, with the mission of ensuring equitable access to affordable healthcare services.
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