Globalisation infected with COVID-19

Over the last few years, there were many weeks when my regular commute to and from the office would take me past the crowds of workers, mostly young women, going to and coming from the garment factories. In those better times, these women were happy, smiling and chatty, perhaps not quite looking forward to the coming work-day, but at least thankful for the income it gave them and their families.

Guardian garment factories BangladeshLast night I read a piece in The Guardian outlining the impact of the current COVID-19 crisis.

1,000,000 of these young women have just lost their jobs and that very important income – and there’s no financial, social care, safety net like we have here in the UK.

For these families the impact of this will be catastrophic.

A lot has been written and said about the pros and the cons of globalisation, and in particular about the garments industry – there will be time, later, to address those matters more fully – but for now let’s just pause for a moment and consider the millions upon millions of  women, and their children, who are today suffering, through no fault of their own, from this invisible destroyer.


About Kevin Duffy

Interim Management and Consulting - Healthcare Development. Kevin has thirteen years senior management experience in the development and delivery of healthcare services in Africa and South Asia.
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