DIY abortions: What’s been happening?

​Dave Brennan, director of Brephos, interviewed Kevin Duffy who shared his experience of having worked in the abortion industry at a senior, international level, and why he became disillusioned with it and came out, and is now helping the other side.

On November 10, 2020, I was interviewed by Dave Brennan of Brephos, during his conference ‘DIY abortions: What’s been happening?’. The recording of the full conference is here.

Kevin shared some shocking findings from a “secret shopper” campaign he helped to lead here in the UK over the last few months in which the abortion industry was happy to post powerful abortion drugs to women who weren’t even pregnant, or who said they wanted an abortion to preserve their “bikini body”, or who wanted the pills to give to someone else.

He shed light on why the abortion industry was agitating in the direction of self-administration, globally, and helped us to consider the grim reality behind the instructions of “when you feel the urge, sit on the toilet, push, flush, don’t look” that accompany the abortion pills.

Especially valuable for church leaders, Kevin told us from his professional perspective what “the one thing the abortion industry doesn’t want us to do” is.

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