Abortion first, safety second

This was published by WORLD on November 23, 2020. ABORTION | International pro-abortion group tries to polish its image by Leah HickmanPosted 11/23/20, 12:29 pm Abortion provider Marie Stopes International attempted to break with its eugenicist and pro-Nazi founder on Tuesday by changing its name to MSI Reproductive Choices. “Marie Stopes was a pioneer of family planning,” said Simon Cooke, the … Continue reading Abortion first, safety second

Self-managed medical abortion in India.

On International Safe Abortion Day, September 28th, Marie Stopes International held a public webinar, during which one of its presenters stated that self-managed medical abortion using drugs from pharmacies across India is not legal. This is important because MSI has been reporting for many years that its operation in India provides at least 40% of … Continue reading Self-managed medical abortion in India.