25,000 Reasons Why 95% is Not Good Enough.

Research shows that the abortion pill fails in 5% of cases – that’s the findings from a New York Times review of 101 studies covering 124,000 first trimester abortions performed in 26 countries over the last 30 years. Some of the 101 studies in the New York Times review Non-negligible risk of failure. It is... Continue Reading →

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Florida Heartbeat Protection Act.

On 13 April, in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis approved and signed the Heartbeat Protection Act (SB 300) saying: “We are proud to support life and family in the state of Florida.” This legislation effectively bans most abortions after six weeks gestational age. However, it will not come into effect until after the decision by the... Continue Reading →

This is ideology not evidence.

“…misoprostol, can be safely and effectively used on its own.” That’s what MSI Reproductive Choices is telling the public about a medical abortion treatment known to fail once in every five cases. This statement follows a similar one by Dr Grossman, a leading abortion researcher and advocate in the U.S., “What do people need to... Continue Reading →

The Abortion Pill is not always ‘effective’.

Medical Abortion (MA), aka the abortion pill, doesn’t always work; it is well-established that MA has an expected and commonly occurring treatment failure rate of about 5%. Meaning that as many as 1-in-20 pregnant women using abortion pills will subsequently need additional medical treatment for complications arising from an incomplete abortion. Medical abortion treatment failure... Continue Reading →

BPAS’s Annual Report 2021/22.

In 2021/22, the twelve months ending March 2022, BPAS performed 93,136 abortions, an increase of 18% over the total in 2017/18, a period in which the total number of abortions in England and Wales increased by 11%. BPAS continues to expand its share of the UK abortion market, providing about 43% of the total in... Continue Reading →

Are Abortion Pills Safe? Here’s the Evidence.

It's not just about ‘safety’ – the abortion pill (mifepristone and misoprostol) is medically safe for the woman; serious complications from medical abortion including hospitalisation, blood transfusion, major surgery, or death are rare. Arguing for changes to the legal and regulatory control of medical abortion solely based on safety is a very weak argument. Now... Continue Reading →

"In the product literature the frequency of side-effects is generally described as above." This is from the British National Formulary at NICE.

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