Plos One

Reach and Cost-Effectiveness of the PrePex Device for Safe Male Circumcision in Uganda.

This paper was published in the PLOS ONE Journal on May 22nd, 2013 and can be read here.


Mass Safe Male Circumcision: early lessons from a Ugandan urban site – a case study.
This paper was published in the PanAfrican Medical Journal on December 28th, 2012 and can be read here.


Literature Review: Exploring 20 years of studies and research leading to adoption of medical male circumcision by WHO and UNAIDS.
This literature review follows the logical and steady progress over 20 years of studies and research that led, in 2007, to the WHO and UNAIDS recommending medical male circumcision as an essential element of a comprehensive HIV prevention package.


Primary Healthcare in East Africa : For how long shall countries run after diseases?
In December 2011, Dr. Nick Wooding kindly asked me to write a Preface for this book published by International Health Sciences University which discusses the many aspects and issues related to the delivery of primary healthcare in the developing world, and in Uganda specifically.

The Kindle version is now available at Amazon and the Preface can be read here.


This article appeared in The EastAfrican in the August 30 – September 5 2010 issue. In it Kevin discusses the provision of pre-paid schemes in Uganda as a means of payment for healthcare services.