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Interim Management and Consulting - Global Healthcare Development. Kevin has over ten years of senior management experience in the delivery of healthcare services in Africa and South Asia. His current focus is on the strategic development of policy, guidance, and tools to help healthcare organisations achieve sustainable impact – balancing the need to become financially sustainable, with the mission of ensuring equitable access to affordable healthcare services.

Abortion Numbers in Ireland

You may well have read recently that each day nine women travel from Ireland to clinics in England and Wales to access abortion services; whilst this number is correct, it does not fully account for the total number of abortions … Continue reading

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How Many Abortions in Ireland?

I think that recent estimates showing 4,400 Irish women having an abortion in 2016 is too low, the number is likely to be much higher than this. The Irish Times recently ran a fact check piece confirming that Solidarity’s claim … Continue reading

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Financial Breakeven for Small Maternity Centres

The following is a very simple model for financial sustainability in small maternity centres. This is derived from a number of complex and detailed models used across a range of different country settings. Ensuring that we meet safety and quality … Continue reading

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Is Abortion Choice Different In NE England?

A fundamental tenet of abortion care is the choice of the woman. This choice is not just about whether to have an abortion or not, but also about the choice of method by which the abortion is performed. Data provided … Continue reading

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C-section Births hit 50% in Kenya

The Daily Nation in Kenya recently raised concerns about the increasing numbers of births which are being delivered by c-section, now estimated to be 50%. This is very much higher than the rate thought ideal by the WHO, 10% – 15%. … Continue reading

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Abortion Rates Vary Significantly

The abortion rate in Uganda, 39, is three times greater than in GB, 13. The abortion rate in Kampala, 77, is twice the national average. There is one complication for every 2.4 abortions in Uganda, a rate which is 262 … Continue reading

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Medication Abortion – Guttmacher Report

Here are three issues which I think could come from an increasing move towards self-administered medication abortion, across developing and restrictive regions:  The business model for clinic-based abortion services will need to change;  There will be a reduction in the … Continue reading

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Abortion Worldwide 2017: Uneven Progress and Unequal Access

This week Guttmacher published its latest data and analysis on the worldwide incidence of abortion and unintended pregnancy. For many countries, it has trends going back to 1990. A key message is that the rate of abortion has been falling … Continue reading

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Be Careful Which Data You Compare.

Last week the Uganda Bureau of Statistics released the 2016 Uganda Demographic and Health Survey (2016 UDHS). My initial interest in this was to find out how the country has progressed in its aim to reduce maternal mortality, and how likely … Continue reading

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Three Days in Badistan

Earlier this week I was with a team tasked by the UNDP with fact-finding in an IDP camp. To be honest, it was chaos. I led the team in, and after some confrontation with the camp leader we had to … Continue reading

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