DIY abortions: What’s been happening?

On November 10, 2020, I was interviewed by Dave Brennan of Brephos, during his conference 'DIY abortions: What's been happening?'. The recording of the full conference is here. Kevin Duffy: Behind the Scenes (37:00 - 1:01:40) ​Dave Brennan, director of Brephos, interviewed Kevin Duffy who shared his experience of having worked in the abortion industry at … Continue reading DIY abortions: What’s been happening?

Abortion first, safety second

This was published by WORLD on November 23, 2020. ABORTION | International pro-abortion group tries to polish its image by Leah HickmanPosted 11/23/20, 12:29 pm Abortion provider Marie Stopes International attempted to break with its eugenicist and pro-Nazi founder on Tuesday by changing its name to MSI Reproductive Choices. “Marie Stopes was a pioneer of family planning,” said Simon Cooke, the … Continue reading Abortion first, safety second

Harm Reduction, a catchy slogan but illegal.

First published by Christian Concern on November 6th, 2020. When your global strategy is to promote and enable self-managed medical abortion, even in places in which the national laws prohibit this, then you need catchy slogans to justify your actions to your supporter base. How about these two: Harm reduction.Conscientious provision. In most countries, even … Continue reading Harm Reduction, a catchy slogan but illegal.