The Abortion Pill is not always ‘effective’.

Medical Abortion (MA), aka the abortion pill, doesn’t always work; it is well-established that MA has an expected and commonly occurring treatment failure rate of about 5%. Meaning that as many as 1-in-20 pregnant women using abortion pills will subsequently need additional medical treatment for complications arising from an incomplete abortion. Medical abortion treatment failure... Continue Reading →

Are Abortion Pills Safe? Here’s the Evidence.

It's not just about ‘safety’ – the abortion pill (mifepristone and misoprostol) is medically safe for the woman; serious complications from medical abortion including hospitalisation, blood transfusion, major surgery, or death are rare. Arguing for changes to the legal and regulatory control of medical abortion solely based on safety is a very weak argument. Now... Continue Reading →

"In the product literature the frequency of side-effects is generally described as above." This is from the British National Formulary at NICE.

In its SmPC (summaries of product characteristics), Ranbaxy states that there is a non-negligible risk of medical abortion treatment failure, as follows: The non-negligible risk of failure, which occurs in 4.5 to 7.8% of the cases, makes the follow-up visit mandatory in order to check that abortion is complete. The patient should be informed that... Continue Reading →

Medical Abortion has a 5% failure rate.

Marie Stopes Australia (MSA) says that more than 5% of the medical abortions it provides, fail to complete. Meaning that 1-in-20 women will have fragments of the baby and/or placenta remaining in their womb after taking both sets of the tablets, mifepristone and misoprostol. These women will need to seek further treatment to prevent ongoing... Continue Reading →

Harm Reduction, a catchy slogan but illegal.

When your global strategy is to promote and enable self-managed medical abortion, even in places in which the national laws prohibit this, then you need catchy slogans to justify your actions to your supporter base. How about these two: Harm reduction.Conscientious provision. In most countries, even in those in which the abortion law is relatively... Continue Reading →

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