Six Percent Require Emergency Care.

Gynuity Health Projects, a pro-abortion activist organisation, recently published results from its own study into the safety and efficacy of telemedicine abortion. Two key findings are:

  • Six percent of women using abortion pills at home, subsequently needed hospital treatment because of complications related to the abortion, a rate of 1-in-17.
  • Four percent of women using abortion pills at home, needed a surgical procedure at hospital to complete the abortion.

Carole Novielli at Live Action, has written a very helpful review of this study here. She says: “If we extrapolate that number out nationally using figures based on Guttmacher Institute’s 2017 total of 339,640 chemical abortions, this could result in nearly 20,380 women per year seeking care at an ER or urgent care facility after taking the abortion pill.”

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